• About us

To ensure that your ideas and concepts are taken cared of the best way possible, we get involved in your brand communication strategy from day one.

We understand that human resources are the most important thing in all productions. And after 30 years of experience our vast network of professionals includes all the best personal suited for it's purpose. Just like casting the right actor in a movie. Our networks contains thousands of professionals. With lower overhead costs, we delived more for your budget - without compromizing with quality.

The technical side of mediaproduction, both hardware and software, comes next. The digital revolution from film to tape and then digital, makes us experts when it comes to select the right formats and platforms for your message. And sometimes the latest technology isn't the best way of getting the right result - it could be a combination of old ways with tomorrows tools.


Digital distribution of the content comes next - to communicate directly to your target groups and fans are the most important thing. Life in the city has been setting up international web tv communities since 2007 with big success. Today, social media channels are constantly changing, subsites and new killer apps launches and disappear, and new ones are build as we speak. It has never been so many ways to communicate like right now, and we know how to lift the fog out of the way to get your message through.

Without measurements and statistics no lessons is learned. We take care of all this for you in small/medium/large packages to ensure that your message was recieved the right way. You can rest assured that full coverage and feedback comes back to you for evaluation.

Our latest work is always our best way to show you what we mean by being your complete partner. Check out the summaryfilm for One Tonne Life which won the European Exellence Award december 2011. 3 million euro invested kicked back a total of 13 million euro in mediatime with over 122 million hits on Google. The Apple Carplay for Volvo Cars reached 1 million views on the dedicated Youtube channel.



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