• The Portal

If you you want to increase traffic to your brand or company website, Life in the city can set you up with a web tv station of your own. Video is the strongest SEO traffic booster, and when you attach it with a community, Life in the city’s videocontent communication model guarantees your presence online with your clients, costumers and fans.

The international Web TV community Life in the city.com was founded and launched 2008 with over 3000 minutes of produced content with clients like Forsman Bodenfors, Volvo Cars Corporation, Nordisk Film and Creative.

Life in the city covered the success of the Twilight Saga series with and for the fans during 2009 and 2010. The uniqueness of the portal was, that everybody we interviewed in our hosted web tv format was presented with nametitles and could be contacted thru the application like a global friendfinder. We’ve spinned 1 millons of views of our films and the beta version of the portal is still online.

Check it out at www.lifeinthecity.com


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